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  About Shabnum

Shab has worked on dealing with disputes that involved courts and tribunals for 13 years, with a 96% success rate.  She started her career working within the trade union providing legal support to retail workers.  She has spent the best part of 10 years dealing with complex employment law issues and resolving employment disputes between management and staff.  In addition, she was trained to deal with health and safety issues, emotional support and mentoring of members that were facing difficulties at work. Shab dealt with cases that involved redundancies, appeals, disciplinaries and grievances.

Shab has also been involved in community support work, where she provides help with DWP appeals for employment support allowance and personal independent payments.  She has also been involved in witness service where she provides support to witnesses in criminal trial cases. Shab is also pursuing further education to acquire a Law degree.

Shab is now utilising her skills and experience to provide support to clients for family law issues, after going through a divorce herself and dealing with child care arrangements.  This experience has taught Shab the emotional tribulations and sensitivities associated with family issues, and the support mechanisms needed to facilitate dignified resolutions.  Therefore, Shab is on a mission to provide support to families going through difficulties in the most cost effective and human way possible, so that all parties walk away in a win-win situation.

Shab is also from a diverse background and is multilingual in Urdu and Punjabi.  Shab is familiar with cultural norms within the Asian and Islamic community; to advice and provide support on family matters that may be culturally sensitive.


McKenzie Friend Shabnum Chaudry
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