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  Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and offers a service as a divorce coach and mentor.

The principles of divorce coaching is to prepare you emotionally and pragmatically for the legal processes of divorce, child arrangements and financial resolution. The overall aim is to reduce conflict and acrimony saving you thousands of pounds and reducing the emotioanl harm to your children.


Divorce Coaching is a separate service to Phil's legal advice service as a McKenzie Friend, but runs in parallel to legal guidance and your actual case management.
Going through divorce or separation is a critical life event, and Phil supports you with a
a critical incident management approach which identifies the early stages of crisis and works
through a strategy and plan to return you to a position of normality, albeit a new normality post separtaion.
Each of the following sessions are 1 hr long, 1-1 contact via Skype video.

You can pick and engage in as many sessions as you wish.

Each sessions is 35.00.

Understanding the below can save you 1,000's in legal costs, can spare you traumatic emotional costs and significantly reduce the emotional harm to your children.

All sessions are tailored specifically to your needs and case.
  • Understanding the role of the court, Cafcass and other professionals.
  • Learning how to manage acrimony and reduce conflict.
  • Managing emotions and identifying emotional arguments.
  • Managing information and allegations and understanding what is relevant.
  • Understanding the court processes and proceedures.
  • Understanding parental alienation and how to best manage it.
  • How to write and present court papers and statements.
  • Understanding emotional harm to any children and how to reduce it.
  • Understanding Court Orders and how they work.
  • Understanding and avoiding the top ten mistakes people make in family court.
  • Any other specific issues you would like to discuss.
If you would like to arrange a free chat
E-mail Phil at mckenziefriendphil@gmail.com or telephone 01420 370770
Philip Kedge is a retired senior police officer of 22 years service. He joined the police in 1990 after obtaining a 2.1 BSc Hons Degree in Psychology. He was promoted through the ranks to Chief Inspector in 2003. He served as a Commander with full experience of managing case files and understanding the legal system.

Phil has personal experience as a 'Litigant in Person' in Family Court having represented himself through to 'Final Hearing'.

Phil was medically retired from the Police Service in 2013 following spinal surgery and transfered all his criminal law experience, training and skills to Family Law as a 'Lay Person' McKenzie Friend. He supports clients across the entire Southern Region including Family Courts in Bournemouth, Oxford, Reading, Tunbridge Wells, London, Southampton, Portsmouth, Aldershot, Guildford, Swindon, Salisbury and Brighton.

In 2012 he was awarded the 'Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal'

  Phil's Service as a McKenzie Friend  
  Phil has been a McKenzie Friend since 2013 and supports Litigants in Person through court as their legal lay advisor. Phil specialises and is experienced in all aspects of Family Law including many issues with respect to Civil Law.

Phil is the director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network at www.mckenziefrienduk.net

For information on Phil's service as a McKenzie Friend, please visit


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