Family Court Judge Feedback  
We will NOT publish your court date / personal details /
e-mails / initials / contact numbers.
We may randomly delay the publication of feedback
between 7 and 21 days to ensure that feedback is
not left on the day of any court appearance.
We may contact you for a quality check of your feedback.
Your personal details are in total confidence.
There is no possibility of you being identified.
The Family Courts hold some of the wide ranging and discretionary powers in the UK. The futures of families and children rest in the hands of a few Judges across the UK who are relied on to make life changing decisions.
Overwhelmingly, the experiences of Judges
are positive. Of course, they have to make
difficult decisions that one side may totally
not agree with and that is the nature of their
demanding job.
Whatever the outcome of case, there are some
standards that all Judges should provide as
public servants, particulalry as the numbers
of litigants in person have dramatically
increased, where those represented will soon
sit in the minority as lawyers continue to
charge extortionate fees and fail to adapt to
public needs and a more modernised thinking
around family law and managing conflict.
We provide the following as the standards
Litigants in Person should expect from a Judge
when attending court.
  • To be firm but fair in managing hearings.
  • To communicate effectively and give explanations .
  • Being prepared and knowleageable of your case.
  • Being personable and civil.
We are NOT interested in whether you agreed
with the Judge or not. Any submission that
contains ANY details of the case or hearing
WILL be immediately deleted.
We are only interested in your balanced
perceptions of the interpersonal qualities
and professionalism of your Judge.
Your personal details will not be published
Along with other feedback, comments may be
used to provide a general overview about
your Judge.
To remain independent, we do not provide any
comment, observations or feedback on Judges
when we attend court to assist our clients.
All feedback is from third parties independent
of the McKenzie Friend Uk Network.