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District Judge Ackroyd
Feb 2018 : By Litigant in Person      
Positive   Negative  
  • Excellent Judge.
  • Impresive attention to detail.
  • Helped by asking some very pertinent questions when I got stuck.
  • Doing it myself I was very nervous and he let me take my time and gather thoughts.
  • Didn't understand everything he said but could have been my nerves.
Firm but fair  
Clear communication / explanations  
Prepared and knowledgeable of case  
Personable and civil  
McKenzie Friend Court Support
Oxford Family Court
Are you going through the challenging and
and emotionally draining process of separation?
Are you feeling, confused, lost, angry and stressed?
Are you already paying 's in legal costs?
Are you in conflict over access to your children?
Are you losing sleep over your financial disputes?
You don't have to pay 15,000+ on legal fees.
Have you suffered from or been accused of
domestic abuse?
We can help you at the fraction of the cost of
For peace of mind, we can reduce the stress and
help you move forward.
Use the form or call us now for a 60 minutes FREE
consultation on 01420 370770.
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Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family law out of the hands of solicitors with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide a cost effective McKenzie Friend national service and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
We have saved our 100's of clients
over 6 million in legal fees.
'The advice and the emotional support he has given have been invaluable. They helped me to pare back statements, remove emotion and stick to the facts: advising on strategy and realistic outcomes.' Rachael W.
'Well what can I say and where do I start! My journey was a long one with unexpected twists at every turn, at times the hurdles seemed daunting, confusing and often insurmountable, that was until I met Phil and learnt of the amazing work he and his team do. Phil thinks outside of the box, is always one step ahead with his planning, his honest pragmatic approach reduced the immense stress child proceedings can often bring' Hilary W