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What is the Bundle Index?
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Example of a Bundle Index

An Index needs to be prepared for the Final Hearing Bundle.

The Index should be drafted by the Applicant and sent to the Respondent for approval. The Respondent should be given the opportunity to add any documents that they believe are missing.

The responsibility for preparing the Bundle is that of the Applicant, with the exception being when the Applicant is self representing and the Respondent has a solicitor.

The format should be based on the below which is a fictitious example.

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In the Sandford Family Court: Case Number SA123456
    Matthew Groves   Applicant
    Abigail Groves   Respondent
Bundle Index Example
A.   Application, Notices and Orders        
A1.   Applicants C100   01/07/2019   A01-A27
A2.   Applicants C1a   01/07/2019   A28-A32
A3.   Respondents C1a   15/08/2019   A33-A37
A4.   Order FHDRA   13/09/2019   A38-A41
A5.   Order DRA   18/12/2019   A41-A45
B.   Statements        
B1.   Applicants Position Statement for FHDRA   13/09/2019   B01-B03
B2.   Respondents Position Statement for FHDRA   13/09/2019   B04-B09
B3.   Applicants Position Statement for DRA   18/12/2019   B10-B15
B4.   Respondents Position Statement for DRA   18/12/2019   B16-B19
B5.   Applicants Narrative Statement for Final Hearing   23/02/2020   B20-B26
B6.   Respondents Narrative Statement for Final Hearing   23/02/2020   B27-B34
C.   Professional Reports        
C1.   Cafcass Safeguarding Letter   11/09/2019   C01-C05
C2.   Cafcass Section 7 Report   09/12/2019   C06-C13