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Cafcass Risk Fasctors
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Cafcass Risk Factors AND ASSESSMENTS

  We say that understanding how Cafcass operate is absolutely essential to understanding how your case will be viewed and managed by Cafcass and the courts. This alone can save you úthousands in unecessary legal fees.

The following are the Cafcass Published Guides and Practices in relation to risk.

Download Practice Pathway: Structured Approach to Risk Assessment of Domestic Abuse

Download Domestic Abuse: What we need to know

Download SafeLives: DASH Checklist

Download Barnados: Domestic Violence Risk Identification

Download Sturge and Glacer: Safe Contact Indicator

Download Sturge and Glacer: DVPP Tool

Download Cafcass: Coercive Control Assessment

Download Cafcass: Situational Couple Violence

Download Cafcass: Distinquishing Abuse and Harmful Conflict

Download Cafcass: Impact on children of experiencing domestic abuse