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'Position Statement' for the second hearing (DRA)
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Position Statement for the Second Hearing

(Dispute Resolution Appointment : DRA)

Question 1 : Why produce a Position Statement for the Second Hearing known as the Dispute  Resolution Appointment (DRA)?

The purpose of producing a Position Statement for the second hearing is usually to :

a) Update the court on any interim court order arrangements.

b) To respond, if necessary to any Cafcass Section 7 report and recommendations.

c) To outline any suggested changes or progress to the interim order.

Question 2 : When do you serve and exchange your Position Statement?

Answer: Unless previously directed by the court to file and serve Position Statments by a set date and time, it is usually accepted that position statements are taken to court on the day of the hearingand given to the usher or receptionist for the court on arriving 1 hr before the hearing time. Position statements are usually exchanged with the other side at the same time shortly after arrival.