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Do I need a lawyer?
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On average, we can assist you with your divorce application for approximately 150

Having a lawyer is of course personal choice, if you can afford one, and in some cases people can get funding through legal aid. However, we argue that when it comes to a divorce application, there are a number of key reasons why, in the vast majority of cases, there is absolutely no advantage or need to pay for a lawyer:

1) Applying for divorce is a straight forward process and any person can now apply online.

See our Divorce Flow Chart

2) The divorce process is mostly about completing forms under a set process and procedure.

3) In the event of a divorce being contested, the court process is straightforward.

4) McKenzie Friends, on the basis of sensible, informed understanding of the issues involved, at low cost, can help their clients with the documentation and guide them through the process and suopport people in the unusual event that matters have to go to court.

5) We have had clients contact us having been quoted 750 by solicitors just to complete the divorce petition. This is simply outrageous. We can assist you, on average, for about 150.

Can lawyers still help?

At any point during family proceedings, the client, supported by a McKenzie Friend, is entirely free to consult a lawyer if he / she so decides. In very exceptional cases, a good McKenzie Friend will advise clients to seek appropriate legal advice.