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Divorce Flowchart

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Weeks 1 - 2  
Complete Form D8


Complete application online

Find your marriage certificate or appply for a duplicate.

Send 3 copies and marriage certificate to your Regional Divorce Office + fee of 550.
Registered by court and assigned a reference number.
Weeks 3 - 4  
Court sends Petition and Acknowledgement form D10 to spouse.
Spouse has 8 days to respond, but typically this may be late.
If no acknowledgement is returned, consider instructing service of the D8 on the spouse by a Bailiff: Form D89
Weeks 5 - 10  
Petitioner receives copy of the acknowledgement of service from court
Petitioner submits Affadavit to support the Petition and the Application for Directions, Form D84, for the Decree Nisi.
Weeks 11 - 12  
Court considers papers and if satisfied issues Decree Nisi. No need to attend hearing
If contested, respondent has 21 days after filing the acknowledgement to complete and file form D8B. Court will set an initial Directions Hearing. Both parties to attend
Weeks 13 - 18  
Six weeks after the Decree Nisi Petitioner can apply for Absolute. 3 Months after Nisi, respondent can apply for Absolute.
Final Hearing. If grounds for Divorce are found, then Judge will issue a Decree Nisi. Final Hearing could extend the time period by 3 months.
Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family law out of the hands of solicitors with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide a cost effective McKenzie Friend national service and to reduce the emotional harm to children.