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Example of a Bundle Index

An Index needs to be prepared for the Final Hearing Bundle.

The Index should be drafted by the Applicant and sent to the Respondent for approval. The Respondent should be given the opportunity to add any documents that they believe are missing.

The responsibility for preparing the Bundle is that of the Applicant, with the exception being when the Applicant is self representing and the Respondent has a solicitor.

The format should be based on the below which is a fictitious example.

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In the Sandford Family Court: Case Number SA123456
    Matthew Groves   Applicant
    Abigail Groves   Respondent
Bundle Index Example
A.   Applicant's Preliminary Documents        
A1.   Case Summary   01/07/2019   1-5
A2.   Form H   26/06/2019   6
A3.   Statement of Issues   15/02/2019   7-8
A4.   Questionnaire   19/02/2019   9-12
A5.   Response to Respondent's Questionnaire       10-11
B.   Respondent's Preliminary Documents        
B1.   Case Summary   05/07/2019   12-18
B2.   Form H   05/07/2019   19
B3.   Statement of Issues   01/07/2019   20-21
B4.   Questionnaire   12/02/2019   22-25
B5.   Response to Applicant's Questionnaire   05/03/2019   26-30
C.   Application, Notices and Orders        
C1.   Decree Nisi   23/11/2018   31-32
C2.   Form A   02/02/2019   33-45
C3.   Notice of First appointment   28/02/2019   46-49
C4.   Order   13/03/2019   50-53
C5.   Notice of FDR   27/04/2019   54-57
C6.   Order   28/05/2019   58-62
D.   Applicant's Statements        
D1.   Form E   10/02/2019   66-90
D2.   Form E Disclosures   10/02/2019   91-133
D3.   Final Statement   10/07/2019   134-140
D4.   Evidence supporting Final Statement   10/07/2019   141-150
E.   Respondent's Statements        
E1.   Form E   18/02/2019   151-183
E2.   Form E Disclosures   18/02/2019   184-223
E3.   Final Statement   10/07/2019   224-231
E4.   Evidence supporting Final Statement   10/07/2019   231-240
F.   Other        
F1.   Applicant's updated financial disclosures pursuant to Order 28/05/19   17/06/2019   240-259
F2.   Respondent's updated financial disclosures pursuant to Order 28/05/19   17/06/2019   260-284