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The Chronology
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Example of a Chronology

A chronology needs to be prepared for the first hearing. The chronology needs to be concise and not include subjective points of view or generalised allegations.

The format should be based on the below which is a fictitious example.

In the Sandford Family Court: Case Number SA123456
    Matthew Groves   Applicant
    Abigail Groves   Respondent
Applicant's Chronology
26.08.1968   Applicant born
17.01.1978   Respondent born
20.05.1998   Parties married
03.02.2000   Purchase of property : 38 Longsdale Drive, Sandford, SA35 9QU
11.09.2003   Birth of son Daniel Groves
15.11.2006   Birth of daughter Sandy Groves
02.10.2018   Parties separated. Respondent remains in marital home and applicant rents.
15.01.2019   Petition for Divorce
27.04.2019   Decree Nisi
09.05.2019   Mediation attempted
14.05.2019   Application for Ancillary Relief.
09.07.2019   First Hearing

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