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What happens at the First Appointment?
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The First Appointment Hearing

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At the first appointment the district judge must determine and give directions about the following:

(a) The valuation of assets.

(b) Obtaining / exchanging expert evidence if required.

(c) Evidence to be provided and details of further chronologies or schedules to be filed by each party.

(d) Set a date for the Final Dispute Resolution Hearing (FDR)

If appropriate the First Appointment can be treated as the FDR.

(e) To ensure pension evaluations are obtained / being obtained.

If there are disputes over pension valuations, the court can instruct that evidence is prepared by a single expert.

(f) To make any order re costs.

If at the conclusion of the hearing the case has not been settled, the Judge will set a date for the Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment. The parties must comply with the directions of the order prior to the FDR.


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