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The Notice of First Appointment
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Notice of First Appointment

The Notice of First Appointment provides clear directions to both parties as to the actions that they need to take before the first hearing.

As McKenzie Friends, we can support you through this process at a fraction of the cost of solicitors. With support, there is very little about this process that is difficult.

The below is a fictional and abridged example of a Notice of a First Appointment.

Notice of a First Appointment  
In the
Family Court at SANDFORD
Case Number - SA12345678
Applicant - Abigail Groves
Respondent - Matthew Groves
Take Notice That
By 4.00pm on 18th July 2019 you must send to the court and exchange with the other party, (or their legal representative), a financial statement using Form E which gives full details of your property, liabilities, pensions and income.

By 4 pm on the 15th September 2019, you must send to the court and the other party, (or their legal representative):

a concise statement of the apparent issues between yourself and the other party. (FPR Rule 9.14 (5)(a)

a chronology (FPR Rule 9.14 (5)(b)

a questionnaire setting out any further information or documents you require from the other party. (FPR Rule 9.14)

a Notice in Form G (FPR Rule 9.14 (5)(d)

a Notice in Form H.

The First Appointment will be heard by a District Judge at the Family Court of Sandford on the 15th October 2019 at 10am. Parties are to arrive 1 hour before the hearing to try and resolve or narrow any issues or areas of disagreement.

The probable length of the hearing will be 30 minutes.

Non-compliance may render you liable to costs penalties.