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  Occupation Order Guide  
What is an Ocupation Order?
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What is an Occupation Order?.
An occupation order is a 'protective order' which regulates the occupation of the family home.

Occupation can be used to exclude someone entirely from the family home, but they can also be used to:

  • enforce the right to remain in occupation of the property,
  • require permission to enter and remain in the property,
  • regulate the occupation of the property,
  • prohibit, suspend or restrict the exercise of occupation in the property,
  • require the departure from the property,
  • exclude from a defined area in which the property is located.

An Occupation Order will only be granted in very serious circumstances as it can exclude someone from the home in which they are legally entitled to live i.e. they jointly or solely own the property.

Very strict tests are applied before an Occupation Order can be granted.