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  McKenzie Friend Latest Family Court News  
  A fair hearing in family court includes the Judge creating an appropriate atmoshphere.  
  Divorce rate lowest since 1971.  
  No fault divorce back on the parliamentary agenda.  
  Grandparents denied access to grandchildren after divorce  
  How to calculate Child Maintenance.  
  Has the no fault dicorce bill been abandoned?  
  Cohabiting and protecting your assetts  
  Divorce and Capital Gains Tax : The Basics  
  Parliament shut-down puts justice bills under threat.  
  Family Law Solicitor struck off.  
  How confidential are documents in family court proceedings?  
  Report calls for reform of Special Guardianship Orders.  
  Special Guardians need minimum training.  
  Top judge calls for donations to family court charity.  
  Next steps for pensions on divorce.  
  Domestic abuse survivors called to shape to future of family courts.  
  Domestic Abuse Bill Introduced to parliament.  
  Parents who pit children against their former partner are 'guilty' of abuse  
  Splitting Pensions on Divorce  
  Action Plan for 'Unsustainable Number of Family Law Cases'  
  Judges dealing directly with rowing parents.  
  Henry VIII powers not appropriate : Disagreement over divorce bill  
  Feedback received for District Judge Grande : Southampton  
  Flexible court hours to be piloted.  
  Modernisation of Family Law  
  Speech: Sir Andrew McFarlane  
  Balancing fairness between the alleged victim and alleged abuser.  
  Dear solicitors, please top your idle threats  
  Civil partnerships for mixed sex couples.  
  When a child won't see a parent  
  No deal' Brexit plans released for Family Law  
  Widow Pension Allowance Co-habitation - Supreme Court  
  UK Divorce Court recognises Sharia Law  
  New Pilot : PD 36J Legal Bloggers  
  Equitable Accounting.  
  The Divorce Trap: Life after Owens vs Owens.  
  UK Divorce Law applies to Muslim marriages.  
  High Court ruling - LIP cross examination : serious allegations.  
  Financial Consent Orders can now be filed online.  
  Complaints against barristers raise by a third in a year.  
  When unreasonable behaviour is not unreasonable Owens v Owens  
  Access to justice inadequate  
  Parental Responsibility  
  Taking children abroad after separation.  
  Applying to commit for breach of child arrangement orders.  
  Ministry of Justice extends online divorce trial to March 2019  
  Spying on your partner, is it illegal?  
  The pitfalls of social media in divorce.  
  Applaud the end of the nuclear family.  
  Second forced marriage conviction in a week.  
  Second forced marriage conviction  
  Divorce : The blame game  
  Dobson vs Geffrey 2018: Cohabitation & Trusts  
  Holidays with children when separarted. What to know.  
  Financial advisors told to learn Family Law.  
  Owens vs Owens commenced in the Supreme Court  
  Divorce and finance updates May 2018  
  Wife fails to increase £51 million Divorce pay out.  
  Ownes Vs Owens begins 17th May  
  Husband jailed for 14 years for contempt of court  
  Mother's appeal against residence totally without merit  
Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family law out of the hands of solicitors with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide a cost effective McKenzie Friend national service and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
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