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  Phil has been a McKenzie Friend since 2013, and has helped 100's of people through court with Divorce, Child Arrangements and Financial Settlements. He can save a client between 17,000 - 40,000 on legal fees.

Philip Kedge is a retired senior police officer of 22 years service. He joined the police in 1990 after obtaining a 2.1 BSc Hons Degree in Psychology. He was promoted through the ranks to Chief Inspector in 2003. He served as a Commander with full experience of managing case files and understanding the legal system.

In 2012 he was awarded the 'Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal'

South East
McKenzie Friend
Derek Watkins
  I am a retired businessman, having held Executive Positions in a number of International companies, supporting and running European operations.  For the past 14 years I have run my own International consultancy business.

Having been through a divorce with three young children myself, I fully understand how difficult and stressful it can be, particularly for those unfamiliar with the process; but with the right help, much of that burden can be lessened.

As a McKenzie Friend I will assist, support and mentor you throughout the proceedings including the somewhat daunting tasks of completing court applications, documentation and making court appearances.  My aim is to help you move forward by reducing acrimony and conflict, whilst reducing the emotional harm to children and providing a cost effective family law service in the South England.

McKenzie Friend
Julia Thornton
  More than 42 years’ work experienced gained in a wide variety of roles including running my own business. I have also waorjked in the service sector which has enabled me to hone my communication skills.

Currently employed drafting and negotiating legal contracts. I have also raised 3 Children to adulthood and took on Parental Responsibility for a fourth. This was my first experience of a court room environment.

I have knowledge of family courts and Child Arrangements

I am empathetic and have experience of family court child arrangement proceedings. I know how important it is to have a “friend” during unsettled times.

McKenzie Friend
Davida Ademuyiwa
  Since 1991, Davida Ademuyiwa (MSc, PGCE, B.A Ed) has had extensive experience of supporting individuals and families going through sensitive life crisis situations and difficult traumatic life transitions.

Davida is as a counsellor, life coach and strategist, mentor, educator, mediator and human rights advocate. 

She has transferred her wealth of experience, training and skills to Family Court as a 'Lay Person' McKenzie Friend. 

She will assist you with taking the necessary steps to move forward, reduce the conflict and the immense stress that court proceedings can often create and help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your child or children, without spending thousands on solicitors.

McKenzie Friend
Stephen Linnard
  Stephen is a retired businessman, having worked on numerous projects around the world for multinational oil companies for 32 years and then running a very successful UK consultancy business of his own for 4 years.

He obtained a BSc (Hons) Degree in Geology from Reading University in 1981.

Divorce is likely to be a very difficult and harrowing time, particularly for those unfamiliar with the process; but with the right help, much of that burden can be lessened.

Through his own life experiences, Stephen can provide such support.

McKenzie Friend
Sarah Thompson
  I come from a back ground in childcare and education; during 2009 I completed my Level 3 Children and young Peoples Workforce qualification (CYPW).

At the time I was managing a nursery and was Child protection officer. I worked closely alongside parents and social services ensure the children’s best interests were met. I went on to attend Kingston University where I completed my Early Years Foundation Degree.

My most recent career has been teaching apprenticeships I work alongside young adults 16-18 and with students 18+. Since teaching apprenticeships I have completed my Level 3 teaching and assessing quality assurance qualification.

McKenzie Friend
Andrew Danby
  Andrew has enjoyed a long career in highly regulated industries, no more so than as a senior manager for Lloyds Banking Group.  An expert on often complex operational processes subject to external legislation, he has since worked as a consultant to those wanting to ensure best outcomes in highly pressurised environments.

Trained and educated at Warwick University and RMA Sandhurst (on a civilian scheme), Andrew has a wide range of skills and competencies applicable to many situations including a number of scenarios faced by those involved in court proceedings.

Outside of work, he is a qualified children's referee and coach and has also contributed to two separate initiatives promoting better opportunities for children.  As a McKenzie Friend, Andrew's priorities are to help navigate through court proceedings by offering support to clients as they look to  achieve the best possible outcome for them and any children involved.

McKenzie Friend
Stefanie Alvarez
  Stefanie holds a 2:1 Joint-Honours degree in Law with Philosophy and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2017. During her studies, she successfully completed family law modules and developed a passion for family law.

Before becoming a Mckenzie Friend, Stefanie carried out internships at solicitors firms and mini-pupillages at barristers chambers where she gained a practical insight into family law. 

Not only does she have experience with the UK family legal system but she has also previously interned in Colombia where she worked with vulnerable children and oversaw family cases at the Palace of Justice, as well as attended workshops on Human Rights at the United Nations in Geneva. 

Her approach is practical and pragmatic with the goal to help families as best as she can through the family court system. 

South West
McKenzie Friend
Penny McCarthy
  Penny has more than 18 years work experience gained with both the Civil Service, and commercial employers, plus the experience of running her own company and of bringing up a family abroad for 10 years.

She has strong organizational and communication skills coupled with patience and empathy during an often extremely stressful time in a client’s life.

She decided to train as a McKenzie Friend after seeing the challenges and costs faced by friends while supporting them during their divorce process.

She aims to offer an affordable service as a McKenzie Friend in the sometimes daunting task of completing court applications and documentation.

McKenzie Friend
Stephanie Kennett
  I am a retired Police Sgt. I served 14 years with the Hampshire Constabulary.

I obtained my law degree at Southampton University and I am hugely familiar and comfortable with interpreting and utilising legislation and in dealing with all aspects of the court system.

I have extensive experience from my police career with non molestation orders, public protection orders and the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children. Additionally I spent many years dealing with the victims of serious sexual offences securing convictions and presenting complex evidence at lengthy trials. Helping others has and will always be one of the most important aspects of my life.

McKenzie Friend
Mary-Ellen Glasgow
  As an Independent Advocacy Specialist for over 25 years I have developed significant people skills particularly in supporting people to take a measured and balanced approach when dealing with highly emotive issues such as Child Care Proceedings, Sexual, Financial and Emotional Abuse. I have acted as a McKenzie Friend in a variety of cases and am familiar with various procedures and processes both in Criminal and Family Courts.

I am able to minimise your costs by charging a fraction of legal fees and by supporting you effectively to do as much of the work involved in form filling and writing statements as possible. At the same time we will work together to reduce your stress and anxiety about the process enabling you to be in control.

East Midlands
We are looking for McKenzie Fiends in the East Midlands to join us.  
West Midlands
McKenzie Friend
Komal Anwar
  Komal is driven by a belief in building inclusive communities and a commitment to meeting people where they are.

Experience as a young entrepreneur equipped her with useful communication skills, which include an ability to overcome language barriers (the business involved developing contacts in a wide variety of places including China, France and Pakistan). She is now utilising these skills and experiences to aid individuals and families facing issues in family courts.

North East
McKenzie Friend
Kai Adegbembo
  I served 30 years in the Police Force undertaking a variety of roles and retired in 2016. I have degrees in Law, Psychology and Criminology. 

My personal guiding mantra in all my adult life has been a commitment to public service and continuous professional development.

During my service with the police supported colleagues through my roles as a legal researcher and subsequently Chair of ‘The Forum’ an umbrella diversity organisation.

I have presented cases before Employment Tribunals and utilised my advocacy skills to achieve the desired result. I am currently an Associate Lecturer in a University and a Governor in a local Further Education institution. I am an avid follower of current affairs.

McKenzie Friend
Safina Bibi
  I completed my LLB Law degree and graduated through Leeds Beckett University in 2015.

Throughout my law degree I was a volunteer at the local Citizens Advice Bureau. This position gave me the opportunity to advise people and to assist in the form filling process and to provide further assistance to enable them to contact other external organisations.

My Mckenzie Friend volunteer role through a local charity gave me the chance to further experience the needs of the community in assisting them through the Immigration Court process and I acknowledged how difficult and stressful the whole process was for the client. I was mindful of their situation and provided moral support and taking notes.

McKenzie Friend
Tammy Holmes
  I served 30 years in the police as a constable performing various roles and retired in 2017.

During my time in the police I gained a lot of experience dealing with children and families and working together with other agencies. I have a wealth of knowledge preparing files for court and have coordinated internal police misconduct cases, dealing with all aspects from file preparation to looking after witnesses.

I spent time in the project management department and have conducted extensive research for prospective business changes producing complex research documents for senior officers.

I ended my career in the Command Centre which enhanced my already established communication and problem-solving skills.

McKenzie Friend
David Hilditch
  I was a police officer for thirty years and in that time enjoyed a variety of different roles and responsibilities. I achieved the rank of Chief Superintendent and had the privilege of serving as a Divisional Commander.

I was at different times in charge of Incident Handling, Operational Planning and Criminal Justice as well as being a Firearms Incident Commander. I also chaired a Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Attending a Common Purpose programme back in 1998 gave me a real passion for working together with others, building relationships and finding new ways of problem-solving together.  A common thread throughout my career has been a genuine interest in people and their situations and working collaboratively with them for the best possible outcomes

McKenzie Friend
Paul Cunningham
  I served as a police officer for thirty years to the rank of Chief Inspector. 

I undertook the role of a senior investigating officer in homicides and other serious offences, national representation in relation to tackling violent crime, a leading figure in the implementation of neighbourhood policing, repeat victim reduction, redesign and implementation of fair justice and involvement in the national police integrity review through an attachment to Her Majesty Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).

Since retiring from the Police, I have experience as an ambulance care assistant and as a trained and qualified mediator and restorative justice practitioner.  These roles enable me to directly help reduce conflict, bring people together and to recover from traumatic life experiences.

North West
McKenzie Friend
Chris Lewis
  Chris Lewis is a retired police officer with 30 years exemplary service. She joined the police in 1986, after obtaining a 2:1 Hons Degree in Geology.

She served as a Detective Inspector for the last 20 years of her service and is extremely experienced in investigation, managing court files and court proceedings. She was also a national police negotiator for 15 years, dealing with conflict and crisis situations in a calm and measured way, negotiating successful outcomes.

Her experience in leading a public protection unit, led to extensive knowledge of child safeguarding and family law proceedings, which is directly transferable.

Since retirement, she has specialised in coaching individuals through stressful events and situations and obtained qualifications in mental health to assist well-being outcomes.

McKenzie Friend
Derek Lockie
  I have over 30 years experience in the public, private and voluntary sector as a police officer and civil servant. This includes being the Chief of Staff in two Government departments (Department of Communities and Ministry of Justice).

As a police officer I served up to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector & Uniformed Superintendent. I am accredited and have led criminal investigations across a multitude of critical incidents and life changing matters. These includes work as a public protection officer serving and supporting vulnerable community members in partnership and collaboration with multi-agency partners such as social services, health, education, housing and court services.

As the Chief of Staff to the Victims Commissioner for England and Wales working at the Ministry of Justice, London I briefed and guided meetings with Ministers, Police and Crime Commissioners, the Director of Public Prosecutions, HM Inspector of Constabulary and influential players in the criminal justice system and beyond.

Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family law out of the hands of solicitors with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide a cost effective McKenzie Friend national service and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
Contact Phil today: 01420 370770