Trusted McKenzie Friend David Ashley  
  About David Ashley:

I have worked in Family Mediation Dispute Resolution for the past four years and have found it very rewarding.

Helping ex-partners find solutions to child arrangements allowing them to co-parent and helping others split Property and Finances in a fair and reasonable way. Along the way I have learned a great deal about the Family Court Process.
I decided to take this a stage further and become a McKenzie Friend and so trained with the McKenzie Friend UK Network.
I have always enjoyed helping people solve their problems and previously was a Psychotherapist helping people with anything from anxiety, PTSD and addictions.
Also, in my long and varied working life I was an I.T Contractor/Project Manager working mainly for the Ministry of Defence for 14 years so am well versed in negotiating complex situations to find a solution. Before this I was a successful Financial Adviser and helped people find financial solutions to meet their needs and goals.
Putting all this experience together gives me the skills needed to help clients through the Family Court system, guiding them through the forms paperwork along with everything else this journey entails.
Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family court matters out of the hands of lawyers with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide access to cost effective McKenzie Friend national services and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
Phil is the founder of the National
Campaign #lightnothate