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Module 4: Financial Settlements
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Session 1: Available Now
Introduction to the Groves Family
and their Financial Situtation
  • Overview of the Groves Family Finances
  • Target Business Client
  • Don't lose sight of our role
  • Will the money roll to the resident parent?
  • Managing expectations
  • How the court thinks
  • The Section 25 Factors
  • House / Pensions / Saving and Liabilities
  • The needs of the children as the highest priority
  • Content 40 mins
McKenzie Friend Guidance
Court Rules
Flow Chart
Matrimonial Causes Act
Next Session
Section 25 Factors
Session 2: Available Now
Financial Remedy Flow Chart
+ Making an Application
  • The Process Flow Chart Explained
  • Court Rules
  • The MIAM
  • How to complete the Form A
  • Don't lose sight of our role
  • You don't need lawyers
  • What happens next
  • Content 60 mins
Section 25 Factors
Form A
Mr Groves
Completed Form A
Maintenance Pending Suit
Session 3: Available Now
Preparing for the First Appointment
  • The Process Flow Chart Explained
  • The Form E - Explained and completed
  • The Chronology- Explained and example
  • The Questionnaire - Explained and example
  • Response to Questionnaire
  • Form G - What is it?
  • Form H - For those extortionate legal fees
  • Issues Paper - Explained and completed
  • Content 1 hr 30 mins
Flow Chart
Blank Form E
Completed Form E
Mr Groves
Schedule of Needs Mr Groves
Completed Form E
Mrs Groves
Schedule of Needs Mrs Groves
Financial Information Summary
Session 4: Available Now
The First Appointment
  • The First Appointment fully explained
  • Walkthrough of the First Appointment
  • What the Judge does
  • Issues Paper Examined
  • New Directions and Orders
  • It's really not that complicated
  • Date set for the FDRA
  • Content 60 Mins
Questionnaire + Response
Form H
Issues Paper
Form G
Session 5: Available Now
Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing
  • Additional disclosures revealed
  • Without Prejudice Offers
  • Hearing Case Notes
  • The First Appointment fully explained
  • Walkthrough of the First Appointment
  • Always expect the unexpected
  • Negotiations with the other side
  • What the Judge thinks
  • It's a clear needs case
  • The housing needs of the children are the highest priority.
  • Can we get a settlement by consent?
  • What does Mr Groves think?
  • Content 1hr 30 Mins
Additional Disclosures
Mr Groves Notes
Solicitor Letter
Bundle Directions 27a
Mrs Groves Case Notes
Revised Needs Schedule
Session 6: Available Now
The Final Hearing
  • Updated Disclosures
  • Bundle Index
  • Statement Wife
  • Statement Husband
  • The Final Hearing
  • The Judgment
  • Conclusion
  • Content 2hrs
Bundle Index Example
Bundle Directions 27a
Satatement Mr Groves
Statement Mrs Groves
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    Catch Up With Phil  
Court Directions PD28a
Costs in Financial Remedy
Court Directions PD44
General Costs
Pensions on Divorce
Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family court matters out of the hands of lawyers with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide access to cost effective McKenzie Friend national services and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
Phil is the founder of the National
Campaign #lightnothate
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