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Module 2: Child Arrangement Orders
  Module 2:   Module Videos   Downloads
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  Session 1:        
Introduction to your client
Mr Matthew Groves
  • Introduction
  • Contact from Mr Groves (2min 10sec)
  • Urgent Support (3min)
  • Marketing your service (4min 55sec)
  • Can't afford a solicitor (5min 45sec)
  • My wife wants a divorce (7min 30min)
  • 14 days to leave the house (10min 52sec)
  • I was arrested (15min 8sec)
  • I need my belongings (20min 5sec)
  • Prohibited steps and Specific Issues (23min 30sec)
  • Clear lines of communication (28min 50sec)
  • Path of Light Not Hate (31min)
E-mail from client Mr Groves
  Session 2:        
First Client Pone Call
and CAP Flow Chart
  • Introduction
  • Purpose of the first call (1min 15sec)
  • How to secure the client (2min 10sec)
  • Direction of travel (3min)
  • Talking to Mr Groves: welfare (3min 49sec)
  • Parameters and rules (5min)
  • Child Arrangements (6min)
  • Finances (9min 25sec)
  • Divorce (11min 40sec)
  • Safeguarding and conclusion(14min 15sec)
  • The CAP Flow Chart (20.05min)
  • The MIAM (21min 40sec)
  • C100 + C1a (24min 5sec)
  • Form C7 (25min 45sec)
  • Cafcass Phone Call and Letter (27min 15sec)
  • Section 7 Report (29min)
  • DRA (30min)
  • Final Hearing (33min 30sec)
  • Exceptions to the usual 3 hearing route (34.45)
  • The SPIP (36min 30sec)
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Child Arrangements Flow Chart
Practice Directions MIAM
Online C100 + C1a
Form C7
Notice of Proceedings
Child Welfare Checklist
PD12J Harm and DA / DV
What about Me?
  Session 3:        
Completing the Online C100 + C1a
Parental Responsibility
Cafcass Risk Factors
  • Introduction
  • The Online Portal (0min 50sec)
  • Getting started (3min 30sec)
  • Which Order? (4min 35sec)
  • MIAM (6min 5sec)
  • Risk of abduction? (10min)
  • Safety Concerns (12.20)
  • What Order (21min 0min)
  • Details and decisions (25min 25sec)
  • Urgent and Without Notice? (32 min)
  • Why are you applying? (39min 45sec)
  • Safety arangements (45min 25sec)
  • Submitting application (46min 10sec)
  • Help with fees (46min 50min)
  • Parental Responsibility (51min)
  • Permission to apply (53min 45sec)
  • Cafcass Risk Factors (56 mins)
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Online C100 + C1a
Completed C100
Help With Fees - Apply Online
Parental Responsibility
Cafcass Operating Framework
Cafcass Risk Factors
  Session 4:        
Acknowledgement of Service
Cafcass Safeguarding Call and Letter
Child Welfare Checklist
Position Statements
First Hearing DRA
  • Recap
  • Form C7 (2min 5 Sec)
  • Form C1a
  • Notice of Proceedings (3min 5sec)
  • Safeguarding phone call (5min)
  • Safeguarding Letter (8min)
  • Safeguarding recommendations (22 min)
  • Child Welfare Checklist (29min)
  • Position Statement Mr Groves (39min 30sec)
  • Specific Issues and Prohibited Steps (50mins)
  • Position Statement Mrs Groves (52min 50sec)
  • FirstHearingDRA (1.06min 23s)
  • Chat with Cafcass (1.07min 15s)
  • Classic mistake by Mr Groves (1.08min 30s)
  • FHDRA Continued (1.13min 0sec)
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C7 Acknowledgement of Service
Blank C1a
First appontment letter
Cafcass Safeguarding Call Plan
Safeguarding Letter
Child Welfare Checklist
Position Statement Mr Groves
Position Statement Mrs Groves
Formal Undertaking Form
  Session 5:        
The Cafcass Section 7 Report
Second Position statements
Meeting with Cafcass
The Dispute Resolution Appointment
  • Recap
  • Cafcass S7 Report (4min 55sec)
  • Analysis of Section 7 Report (6min)
  • Why lawyers won't help (46min 25sec)
  • Integrity Policy (49min 45sec)
  • Position Statement Matt Groves (51min 15sec)
  • Matts direction of travel (1.01min)
  • Position Statement Abigail Groves (1.03min)
  • What is a recital? (1.12min)
  • Speaking to Cafcass before the DRA (1.17min)
  • Which school should Sandy go to? (1.23min 45sec)
  • Let's roll the dice! (1.27min)
  • Top Tip (1.30mins 45sec)
  • The DRA (1.34min)
  • A good day in the office (1.38mins).
  • The 'Officer of the Court' explained (1.39mins).
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Cafcass Section 7 Summary
Position Statement Matt Groves
Position Statment Abigail Groves
  Session 6:        
Narrative Statements
The Final Hearing
  • The end game
  • GP Letter (5min 40sec)
  • Narrative Statement Mr Groves (8min)
  • Arguments on the Checklist (23min 40sec)
  • Sandy's Schooling Resolved (34min 30sec)
  • Narrative Statement Mrs Groves (38min 25min)
  • Court B undle and Index (57min 45sec)
  • The Final Hearing - at court (15min 8sec)
  • Evidence in Chief (1:22min 50sec)
  • Put your questions to Cafcass and Abigail.
  • Never 'coach your client' (1:28min 20sec)
  • Final Submissions
  • The Judgement (1:37min 20min)
  • Foundation of your learning (1:38min 15sec)
  • Officer of the cvourt (1:50min)
  • Networking is essential (1:52min 45Sec)
  • You don't need lawyers and recap (end)
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GP Letter
Employment letter
Child Welfare Check List
Narrative Statement Matthew
Narrative Statement Abigail
Practice Direction 27A
Bundle Index.
Final Hearing Notes
Catch Up With Phil
  • Questions to Cafcass
  • Questions to Abigail
  • Cafcass Safeguarding Tools
  • Form C2 Explained
  • Example of Final Order



Available on Purchase
Cafcass Safeguarding Tools
Form C2
Final Order Example
Parental Alienation Videos
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Only 35.00
3 Months Access
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Module 3: Fact-Findings
This Module contains graphic descriptions of domestic abuse and violence
Module 3: Launch Dates   Module Video   Downloads
        Available on Purchase
Allegations, Safeguarding Letter
First Directions Hearing,
Scott Schedule
Case Management Hearing
  • Introduction + content warning
  • CAP Flow Chart (3min 15s)
  • Abigail's C1a (4min 55s)
  • Cafcass Safeguarding Letter (14min 45s)
  • Practice Directions 12J (22min 15s)
  • Chat about Position Statements(36min 55s)
  • First Directions Hearing (40min 45s)
  • Chat with Mr Groves (48mins 15s)
  • Abigail's Scott Schedule (51min 30s)
  • Case Mangement Hearing (1.02min 30secs)
  • Back to PD12J (1.11min 15s)
  • Interim Contact (1.18min 15s)
  • Chat with Mr Groves (1.21min)
  • What has the lawyer achieved? (1.23min 15s)
  • What Mr Groves wants! (1.25min)
CAP Flow Chart
Abigail's C1a
Cafcass Risk Factors
Safeguarding Letter
Practice Directions 12J
McKenzie Friend Guidance
Abigail's Scott Schedule
Child Welfare Checklist
Refuge: Helpline
Gov: Information
How to write an
an 'Evidential Statement'
to the highest standard of excellence
  • Introduction + graphic content warning
  • Solicitors statement 5/10
  • Re-writing it to the highest standard
  • Writers block! How to start (36min 30sec)
  • Preparation for next session (38min 45sec)
  • Download the prereads >>>>>>>
Available on Purchase
How to write a
Narrative Statement
For Next Session
Scott Schedule
Abigail's Statement
Natalie's Statement
Matthew's Statement
GP Letter
You are the Judge
Examine the Evidence
You Decide!
  • Have the pre-reads avaialable
  • Warning graphic descriptions (0min 45s)
  • Scott Schedule Reminder (1min 15s)
  • Fact Finding Format (3 min 10s)
  • Direction s 12J Para 28 to 31 (5min 11s)
  • Organising the papers (13 min 15s)
  • Scott Schedule Allegation 2 (14min 30s)
  • Examining GP Letter (23 min)
  • Mr Groves response to allegation (28m 30s)
  • Scott Schedule Allegation 4 (36min)
  • Mr Groves response.
  • Statement of Natalie Barnet (41min 15s)
  • Scott Schedule Allegation 5 (55min 20sec)
  • Abigails Statement (57min 5 sec)
  • Matthew Groves Response (1hr 30sec)
  • You decide (1hr 5min)
  • Submit your Findings
Available on Purchase
Please Print Out The
Pre-Reads Above.
Practice Directions 12J
Your Judgement
  • Findings to allegation 1
  • Findings to allegation 2 (6min 45s)
  • Findings to allegation 3 (12 min 15 secs)
  • Where does that all lead us? (24min 20s)
  • The DRA (25min 30)
  • What will Cafcass recommend? (32min)
  • Module end (33min 30 secs)
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Please Refer To
Existing Downloads.
  Catch Up With Phil

Interesting Recent Considerations

From the Court of Appeal.

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Court of Appeal
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Module 7: Breach of Child Arrangement Orders
  Module 7:   Breach of   Downloads
      Child Arrangements Order   Availalbe With
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Remain impartial (2mins)
  • Scenario (5min)
  • Practical issues and theory (8min 30s)
  • Vary the order by consent (9min)
  • Penal Notice (14min)
  • Options (15min)
  • C79 (19min)
  • Standard of proof and reasonable excuse (19min)
  • What the court considers? (23mins)
  • Nothing is as it seems (28 mins)
  • When contact is stopped.
  • Variation of orders and Cross applications(33 min)
  • What is a recital? (42 min)
  • Mr Groves C79
  • Who can apply?
  • What are the possible sanctions?
  • Conclusion

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C79 Mr Groves
Help with Fees
Child Welfare Checklist
Practice Directions
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Only 35.00
3 Months Access
Payments are Non-Refundable
Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family court matters out of the hands of lawyers with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide access to cost effective McKenzie Friend national services and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
Phil is the founder of the National
Campaign #lightnothate