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  McKenzie Friend Training : Become a McKenzie Friend  
We will train you to the highest standard to become a McKenzie Friend to enable you to
support others going throug family courts.
  Are you self-representing through family courts?  
We will coach you to understand every step of your journey.
How to complete an application form.
How to prepare.
What happens at each hearing.
What statements to write and how to write them.
How to prepare your case and evidence.
How to prepare court bundles.
How to prepare questions.
All your questions answered.
  Do you work in an organisation supporting poeple through separation?  
We train service providers who assist people in domestic abuse and separation.
We offer discounts for members of charities.
For example, we train staff at refuges to support their clients through family court.
Module   Topic(s)   Weeks   Total Hours   Fee   Compulsary
            1-1 Tutorial        
1   Introduction to Family Law   3   3 hrs   135 + VAT   Yes
2   Divorce   4   5 hrs   160 + VAT   No
3   Child Arrangements   4   6 hrs   180 + VAT   No
4   Ancillary Relief   4   6 hrs   180 + VAT   No
Module   Topic(s)   Weeks   Total Hours   Standard Fee   Compulsary
            1-1 Tutorial        
5   Occupation Orders &   2   2 hrs 30 mins   100 + VAT   No
6   Non Molestation Orders   2   2 hrs 30 mins   100 + VAT   No
7   Breach of Orders   2   2 hrs   100 + VAT   No
    An understanding of modules                
    3, 4 and 5 is required.                
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