Top 10 McKenzie Friend Video Articles  
1.   2.
What Giving Away 20,000
to Unnecessary Family Lawyers Looks Like
The secret of how to talk to Cafcass
3.   4.
Why the resident parent can
get away with mud slinging
How to beat barristers
in family court.
5.   6.
Judiciary Slams Family Court Lawyers
Join Our Campaign
How to Undermine Your Own
50/50 Share Care Application
7.   8.
When Mums Lose Child Residence
Mental Health
Parental Alienation: Why Cafcass
are easily fooled
9.   10.
1 in 4 Family Lawyers
Want to Quit
Divorce Lawyers: 'I was a Lamb
to the Slaughter' - Abigail's Story
Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family court matters out of the hands of lawyers with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide access to cost effective McKenzie Friend national services and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
Phil is the founder of the National
Campaign #lightnothate
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