Cafcass Domestic Abusse Assessment Tools

Cafcass Risk Factors AND ASSESSMENTS

We say that understanding how Cafcass operate is absolutely essential to understanding how a case will be viewed and managed by Cafcass and the courts.

The following are the Cafcass Published Guides and Practices in relation to risk.

Download Practice Pathway: Structured Approach to Risk Assessment of Domestic Abuse

Download Domestic Abuse: What we need to know

Download SafeLives: DASH Checklist

Download Barnados: Domestic Violence Risk Identification

Download Sturge and Glacer: Safe Contact Indicator

Download Sturge and Glacer: DVPP Tool

Download Cafcass: Coercive Control Assessment

Download Cafcass: Situational Couple Violence

Download Cafcass: Distinquishing Abuse and Harmful Conflict

Download Cafcass: Impact on children of experiencing domestic abuse

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