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  Phil has been a McKenzie Friend since 2013, and has helped 100's of people through court with Divorce, Child Arrangements and Financial Settlements. He can save a client between 17,000 - 40,000 on legal fees.

Philip Kedge is a retired senior police officer of 22 years service. He joined the police in 1990 after obtaining a 2.1 BSc Hons Degree in Psychology. He was promoted through the ranks to Chief Inspector in 2003. He served as a Commander with full experience of managing case files and understanding the legal system.

In 2012 he was awarded the 'Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal'

Phil no longer takes on individual client work as he is concentrating on running the national network.

Admin Support
McKenzie Friend
  Michelle is a McKenzie Friend who specialises in Child Arrangement Orders and Divorce applications for women clients.

She has a particular interest in supporting woman who are survivors of domestic abuse or who have lost access to their children due to unfortunate personal circumstances such as mental health issues.

In her previous career, Michelle was a professional carer and fully understands placing the client first. She has strong and empathic communication skills and provides support with honesty and integrity.

Michelle operates as a McKenzie Friend layperson under her own Terms and Conditions. She is not a legal entity.

She can help you complete applications at a fraction of the cost of lawyers.

If you call us, then Michelle would be happy to take your initial details and help to find you a McKenzie Friend.

South East
McKenzie Friend
Derek Watkins
  Derek is a  highly experienced McKenzie Friend helping many people over numerous years through the child arrangements and financial resolution court process, whilst at the same time saving them tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees.

Having been through a divorce with three young children himself, Derek fully understands how difficult and stressful it can be, particularly for those unfamiliar with the process; but with the right help, much of that burden and stress can be lessened.

As a McKenzie Friend Derek is adept at assisting, supporting and mentoring you throughout the proceedings including completing court applications, documentation and making court appearances. 

Derek provides a cost effective Family Court service in the South England.

McKenzie Friend
Russell Hird
  Russell is a Mckenzie friend based in North Kent. He is a former Metropolitan police detective. For the past 15 years, he has been engaged in criminal defence representation dealing with clients in custody at Police stations and Prisons in Kent. 

Prior to this criminal defence work, he was engaged in the Financial Services industry based in the City of London for 13 years specialising in pensions and estate planning.

This has instilled in him that the client's best interests should come first and he will mentor, support and assist clients through the Family law system with empathy and understanding. He will focus on reducing conflict between the parties and ultimately avoiding emotional harm to children. Russell will help in completing court documentation, applications and any court proceedings.

McKenzie Friend
Andrew Danby
  Andrew has enjoyed a long career in highly regulated industries, no more so than as a senior manager for Lloyds Banking Group.  An expert on often complex operational processes subject to external legislation, he has since worked as a consultant to those wanting to ensure best outcomes in highly pressurised environments.

Trained and educated at Warwick University and RMA Sandhurst (on a civilian scheme), Andrew has a wide range of skills and competencies applicable to many situations including a number of scenarios faced by those involved in court proceedings.

Outside of work, he is a qualified children's referee and coach and has also contributed to two separate initiatives promoting better opportunities for children.  As a McKenzie Friend, Andrew's priorities are to help navigate through court proceedings by offering support to clients as they look to  achieve the best possible outcome for them and any children involved.

McKenzie Friend
Shareen Cambridge
  Shareen is a McKenzie Friend specialising in child arrangements orders, who has developed over 9 years as a trained life coach and brings a strong sense of empathy while working with clients. Having garnered 6 years of board member experience in health and social care, her person centred approach to working with clients going through family court proceedings is led by beginning with the end in mind. To that end the benefit to clients will also include significantly reducing the cost of the family court process.

With a strong background in health, business, entrepreneurship and leadership, Shareen brings a host of useful skills which include communication, engagement, analysis, training and project management.  

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South West
McKenzie Friend
Claire Rigby
  Claire originally trained in child care at the prestigious Norland College and worked with families as a nanny and in nurseries. After this she began a career in the family law system and gained experience of all areas of family law and Care proceedings for 12 years. Clairealso undertook counsellor training and a Social Work degree. This enabled her to acquire a wide range of skills both within the legal system and with assisting children and their families to navigate the stresses and strains of life. Claire also set up her own successful e-commerce business bringing a wide range of additional skills that add to her personal toolkit of assisting clients as a McKenzie Friend.  
McKenzie Friend
Samantha Alderman
  To be involved in family law court proceedings is incredibly stressful, particularly in cases about disputes over children. I speak from a personal as well as a professional perspective.

I have 13 years experience in all aspects of family law from cohabitation to divorce and finances to child arrangements.

Domestic abuse is another of my areas of expertise: whether you need to protect yourself from violence, defend an application or determine who is to live in the family home, I can assist you every step of the way.

My approach is to help clients resolve their dispute in the most amicable, cost-effective manner, hopefully outside of the court system, whilst offering strategic advice, moral support and assistance with complex legal correspondence or court paperwork as necessary, at a fraction of a high street firm’s costs.

McKenzie Friend
Mary-Ellen Glasgow
  As an Independent Advocacy Specialist for over 25 years I have developed significant people skills particularly in supporting people to take a measured and balanced approach when dealing with highly emotive issues such as Child Care Proceedings, Sexual, Financial and Emotional Abuse. I have acted as a McKenzie Friend in a variety of cases and am familiar with various procedures and processes both in Criminal and Family Courts.

I am able to minimise your costs by charging a fraction of legal fees and by supporting you effectively to do as much of the work involved in form filling and writing statements as possible. At the same time we will work together to reduce your stress and anxiety about the process enabling you to be in control.

McKenzie Friend
Sarah Carthew
  I'm Sarah and I made the decision to become a McKenzie Friend as I felt I had reached a stage in my life where it was time to focus on something new and more challenging.

Becoming a McKenzie Friend has been such an important change for me. I have watched many people go through the Family Court system and have seen the huge impact it has had on their lives, both financially and emotionally ! I very much believe that if you have the knowledge and the desire to help people then you should, and that's exactly why I decided to become a McKenzie Friend.

McKenzie Friend
Claudine Farmer
  Helping to reduce conflict and acrimony with the focus remaining on the child's needs for a safe, secure and happy future. 

I understand how challenging and emotionally draining separation and Family Court proceedings are. This led me to pursue a career and to train as a McKenzie Friend, enabling me to morally and emotionally support families at this tough time.

Alike my role and extensive experience in the Military, I abide by a strict code of practice regarding confidentiality and demonstrate high levels of integrity.

McKenzie Friend
Nigel Brumpton
  Nigel self-represented through the family court system for his divorce, finances, and child arrangements. Nigel understands the stress and emotional challenges that this brings, so is well placed to be by your side to support, mentor and advise you through the daunting court process which is unfamiliar to most people. From telephone calls, emails, C100 form completion, attending and supporting you at court hearings, being by your side during conversations with all parties prior to being in court. In court organising paperwork, keeping notes, and gentle reminders of points to raise.  
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Covering the Eastern Region
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We are looking for McKenzie Friends to Join Us
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McKenzie Friend
Julie Edwards
  With more than 23 years of regular interaction with the Family and Criminal courts I have the knowledge and experience to provide the support and guidance required to navigate court proceedings, especially in family matters involving children where expectations and emotions are running high. I will lead you through each stage of the process in clear terms from the initial contact with the court including Child arrangements, Divorce, and Financial settlements to the conclusion of your case.  Remembering that delay is not good for any children or parent in these matters. 

While regularly communicating with all levels of people to give you confidence that I can assist you with the court system, providing relevant and practical guidance in the process. I can help you with the forms and statements required and explain in clear terms what the court expects of you.

I can keep your costs to a sensible level while providing support and guidance through what is often a stressful and difficult time.

I will be your support and friend whilst working on your behalf.

McKenzie Friend
Lynne James
  I have a passion for helping both men and women through the challenges of divorce with practical, hands on guidance though the Family Court process, together with essential emotional support, saving thousands of pounds in legal costs.

Personally, I know how stressful divorce can be. The difference for me is that I am an accredited life coach and, having coached women in business for over 20 years, it gave me the tools to use on myself to help me through thst horrible time, and I use those tools to help my clients through what is one of the most challenging things a person can experience.

In addition to offering 'how to' advice and support with confusing stuff like Court form filling and, what can be scary stuff like the Family Court system, I offer specific and individually tailored caring support to overcome the overwhelm all these challenges can create.

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North East
McKenzie Friend
Safina Bibi
  I completed my LLB Law degree and graduated through Leeds Beckett University in 2015.

Throughout my law degree I was a volunteer at the local Citizens Advice Bureau. This position gave me the opportunity to advise people and to assist in the form filling process and to provide further assistance to enable them to contact other external organisations.

My Mckenzie Friend volunteer role through a local charity gave me the chance to further experience the needs of the community in assisting them through the Immigration Court process and I acknowledged how difficult and stressful the whole process was for the client. I was mindful of their situation and provided moral support and taking notes.

McKenzie Friend
Paul Cunningham
  I served as a police officer for thirty years to the rank of Chief Inspector. 

I undertook the role of a senior investigating officer in homicides and other serious offences, national representation in relation to tackling violent crime, a leading figure in the implementation of neighbourhood policing, repeat victim reduction, redesign and implementation of fair justice and involvement in the national police integrity review through an attachment to Her Majesty Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).

Since retiring from the Police, I have experience as an ambulance care assistant and as a trained and qualified mediator and restorative justice practitioner.  These roles enable me to directly help reduce conflict, bring people together and to recover from traumatic life experiences.

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McKenzie Friend
Amina Naqqash
  Access to justice without experience in family court cases can be protracted and become an insurmountable task for any litigant in person. Moving forward, it is essential to manage and reduce conflict, adopting a long-term workable solution that is reasonable, balanced and proportionate.

As your informed friend, Amina’s aim is to provide tailored support and help you navigate through each stage of your case, ensuring you are equipped with as much transparency of the family court system and the importance of a child centric approach.

She will impart knowledge and experience having achieved a First Class Honours degree in Law in addition to being an accredited Civil-Commercial Mediator. Amina can above all assist and support you in your family case without any further delay.

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Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family court matters out of the hands of lawyers with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide access to cost effective McKenzie Friend national services and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
Phil is the founder of the National
Campaign #lightnothate

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