Trusted McKenzie Friend Safina Bibi  
  About Safina:

I completed my LLB Law degree and graduated through Leeds Beckett University in 2015.

Throughout my full time studies I managed a family of four children. I was conscious about time restraints and studies. As well as this I was successful in obtaining a student representative position for Thomson Reuters. The training enabled me to assist second year law students with the legal research needed to complete their assignments and exams.

Throughout my law degree I was a volunteer at the local Citizens Advice Bureau. This position gave me the opportunity to advise people and to assist in the form filling process and to provide further assistance to enable them to contact other external organisations.

My Mckenzie Friend volunteer role through a local charity gave me the chance to further experience the needs of the community in assisting them through the Immigration Court process and I acknowledged how difficult and stressful the whole process was for the client. I was mindful of their situation and provided moral support and taking notes.

Currently I am completing my Bar Professional Training Course through part time study. I joined the Personal Support Unit as a volunteer a few years ago and recognised the importance of the needs of the people who so acquired moral support through the Family Court process. This role was rewarding and gave me satisfaction when I received positive feedback from my clients.

I have passed the Civil and Commercial mediation course through ADR-ODR International providing me with accreditation. I am looking in the future to further my experience and to undertake Family mediation. I believe the process for litigant in persons is a difficult one and without support and guidance throughout the court process it can be a daunting experience.

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