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About Phil Kedge
Philip Kedge is a nationally recognised McKenzie Friend based in the United Kingdom. With over 30 years of experience in the legal industry, he has established himself as a trusted and respected figure in the field. As a McKenzie Friend, Philip provides valuable assistance and support to individuals who choose to represent themselves in court.

Philip's expertise spans various areas of law, including family law, civil litigation and criminal law. He has a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of the legal system, which enables him to guide and advise litigants in person (LIPs) effectively.

What sets Philip apart is his commitment to empowering individuals and helping them navigate the often daunting and overwhelming court processes. He firmly believes that access to justice should not be limited by financial constraints, and he strives to bridge the gap by offering his services as a McKenzie Friend.

Philip's approach is characterized by empathy, compassion, and a dedication to his clients' best interests. He takes the time to listen and understand their unique circumstances, ensuring that he provides tailored guidance and support throughout their family court journey.

In addition to his role as a McKenzie Friend, Philip is an avid speaker and trainer. He frequently delivers talks and seminars on various family court topics, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively represent themselves in court.

Philip is the founding member of the McKenzie Friend UK Network, an organization that aims to promote access to justice and provide resources for litigants in person. Through this network, he collaborates with other McKenzie Friends to share insights, best practices, and support one another in their mission to assist those navigating the legal system without legal representation.

With his extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and passion for helping others, Philip Kedge has become a prominent figure in the field of McKenzie Friends. His contributions have positively impacted countless individuals who have sought his guidance and support during their legal proceedings.

Philip Kedge operates as a professional McKenzie Friend and offers non-legal advice based on the irrebutable truth that you don't need paid lawyers in the family court. PhilipKedge is not a legal entity and provides support as an informed friend.

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Philip Kedge is a retired police Chief Inspector and the founder and director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network. His aim is to take family court matters out of the hands of lawyers with an ethical business to reduce conflict and acrimony, to provide access to cost effective McKenzie Friend national services, to offer training and to reduce the emotional harm to children.
Phil is the founder of the National
Campaign #lightnothate